Omega Fan Writes Own 007 Skyfall Theme Song To Beat Of Co-Axial Escapement

Omega Fan Writes Own 007 Skyfall Theme Song To Beat Of Co-Axial Escapement

Adam Optican wants an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean so badly he wrote a song to the beat of its Omega in-house made calibre 8500 Co-Axial movement. The song is a fan redo of the 2012 James Bond 007 Skyfall movie theme. This is of course appropriate because Omega is the official watch of James Bond, was featured in the movie, and Omega produced a limited edition Seamaster Planet Ocean Skyfall watch to go with the film.

Omega Fan Writes Own 007 Skyfall Theme Song To Beat Of Co-Axial Escapement Feature Articles

The song's tempo precisely matches the 25,200 bph (beats per hour) of the co-axial escapement in the caliber 8500 movement. You'll also hear that Optican inserted the sound of the escapement ticking in various sections of the song. I am pretty sure that is him singing as well. Eat your heart out Adele. How did Optican do it if he doesn't yet have the Seamaster Planet Ocean of his dreams? According to him he recorded the output sound of an ETA 2824 movement which runs at 28,800 bph and mathematically slowed down the audio to match what it would sound like at 25,200 bph.

This my friends is how watch lovers show off their passion. Omega Fan Writes Own 007 Skyfall Theme Song To Beat Of Co-Axial Escapement Feature Articles

  • Ulysses31

    Cringeworthy.  The man sounds as dull as the watch he desires looks.  If I were gunning for a free Omega there are a handful of far nicer models i’d go for – if there’s a chance you’ll get it for free, why not?

    • Ulysses31

      I’m assuming he wants it for free though it’s not specifically mentioned.  If it’s merely an expression of his unrequited love then I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Zeitblom

    James Bond is looking tired — like Omega’s designs. Is that what they call product placement?

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  • Kris C

    Yikes. Did he record this in the lounge of an off-strip dumpy Las Vegas hotel where he currently works? If I were the Bond franchise or Omega, I might consider sueing for damages. Or at least issue a cease and desist.

  • daottaway

    No matter what you think lets give this guy a little credit. He thought enough of Omega and himself to start & finish something that  people are listening to here. Lets just see what Omega thinks of it, and then who ever wants to: can either be right about their judgement of this song, or eat their own words, can then do so.

  • Haters. When have you done something for the hell of it and put it out there. Not my kind of music, but he deserves a nod for effort.

  • Kris C

    Please. If this is awarded with praise, or even worse, a watch from Omega, we’ll be immediately bombarded with a million other armchair fanbois of every brand under the sun attempting to emulate the same plea for freebies and accolades. I REALLY want a Zeitwek Striking – if I draw the ALS logo with crayons freehand on a billboard in a busy metropolitan centre, can I have one? It’ll take me like, all afternoon to do.
    It’s not hating, there is a million more calories that could have been burned in this effort to refine it better – there is nothing outstanding here musucally or vocally to ‘nod for effort’. This does not play “at” 25,200 bpm either, it mathematically matches it. You’d never be able to comprehend music that actually ran at that rate.

  • niepokorny666

    James Bond looking like …Putin, Omega should choose better looking actor for advertising.