I recently mentioned the brother of this watch which has a 24-hour hand. That was the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial GMT Chronograph watch. Take out the “GMT” and you have this model. Of which, there are actually going to be only a few. There will be the pictured two-tone model in steel and rose gold, a white gold model, an all steel model, and a all rose gold model. This is arguably a more marketable model than the GMT given the more conservative and “Omega” looks of this watch. The GMT had a controversial bezel, while the smooth polished bezel of this Aqua Terra Chronograph is more sober and simple looking. Actually, Omega might have made the right choice to give it a smooth dial against the vertical texturing of the “Teak Concept” dial.

Aside from the lack of GMT and bezel, the watch case is mostly the same, if not identical to the GMT model. The dial feels a bit cleaner and more classy, and Omega is hitting high with this watch having all the gold models. Aiming straight at Rolex. Omega has a lot weight behind these feelings as stats show that other similar Omega watches top worldwide online searches for watch models – translation, these watches are in high demand. But that does not mean that everyone can afford them. Companies like to infer that just because people are interested in a watch model means they are ready to buy. Perhaps it is (spooky noise, people interested in cheap replicas! All the watch industry people are now gasping.

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Inside the watch is the Omega calibre 3313 Co-Axial escapement automatic movement that has been Chronometer certified. The watch is a big 44mm wide, with enough bling appeal for those who like the Omega name, and those who like the Omega functionality. I like the contrast between the brushed metal bracelet and the polish on the bezel and part of the case. Rolex like to have more polish on its models with gold, but Omega is trying to subdue this a bit. Like the GMT model that I discussed a few days ago, the watch also have gold hour markers and hands that have been diamond polished. The watch is also water resistant to 150 meters.

Based on the feedback from my article on the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Chronograph, people are split on the “Teak Concept” dial that is utilized here. Some love it, and others (like me) are a bit skeptical on how well it will look in the long run. Still, the dial is highly legible, especially the chronograph subdials. I also like the easy to push chronograph pushers. The dial is available in the pictured dark gray or a lighter color. There is also an alligator strap in addition to the metal bracelets available. In either material or combo of materials – I have a feeling that this line along with the GMT are going to be a success for Omega. The new Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronograph should be available soon. for probably about  $5,000 to over $20,000 for the all gold models.

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