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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch Watch Releases

For a newly announced partnership with the Starmus Science Festival and in support of its Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication award, Omega will present each of this year's three winners with a special 18k yellow gold Omega Speedmaster watch. The association with a space and science festival like Starmus should make sense to anyone familiar with Omega and the Speedmaster's history with NASA and its continued involvement in related projects. Let's now look at the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold watch, which is not available for sale, and its purpose for existing.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch Watch Releases

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch Watch Releases

Professor Stephen Hawking joined Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann and Starmus founder Garik Israelian to announce the partnership and present the watch.

Apart from all the gold and the engraved case back, this Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph appears to be, in most ways, the classic Moonwatch - the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Here, the 42mm case, as well as the bezel, hands, and applied indices are 18k yellow gold. Essentially, anything that was either steel or white in color has been replaced with gold, including the tachymeter scale and the printed elements of the dial. Fully monochromatic, gold looks as lovely as ever paired with black here on the dial, bezel, and leather strap.

Although Omega doesn't give a lot of details on these specific limited models, we can assume that the specs are mostly consistent with the standard Moonwatch. Of course, inside is the manually wound Omega 1861 cam-actuated chronograph movement that is more or less the modern version of the movement that famously accompanied the NASA astronauts to the Moon.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch Watch Releases

As mentioned, the typical seahorse logo-engraved case back is replaced here with a special engraving for the Starmus Festival and the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication. The engraving matches the actual medal that winners will receive in addition to the watch. It depicts the first ever human spacewalk by Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (who was most likely wearing a long-lost Soviet government-issued watch), with the "Red Special" guitar of Queen's lead guitarist Brian May emerging from beyond the horizon, and the Starmus logo.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch Watch Releases

Why Brian May's electric guitar, you may ask? Mr. May also happens to have a doctorate in astrophysics and had a hand in founding the Starmus Festival along with Garik Israelian. That kind of makes him a rockstar in more than one sense of the word. The Starmus Festival has a mission of communicating about and promoting science to the public. The three Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication awards will go to three different categories; Science Writing, Films, and Music and Art. Finally, engraved around the edge of the case back are the words "Winner of the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication."

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold Watch Watch Releases

Omega has stated that only three such Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 18k gold watches will be produced for the Starmus Festival and that this design will not be offered for retail sale, so no pricing information is available. Still a young festival, Starmus IV will be held between June 18 and June 23, 2017, in Trondheim, Norway, and the winners of the medals and the watches will be announced at that time.

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  • Now THIS is a cool Moonwatch.

  • ??????

    Steven Hawking, Alexei Leonov, Brian May, so many names, must be such an epic edition.. but the watch looks somewhat trivial. There are dozens of Speedmasters and Speedmaster LEs already, and this one, while golden and with funky engraving, looks 99.99% like any other to me.

    • egznyc

      I don’t think there have been many Moonwatches made in gold. So I think these are very much a novelty. They’re not something you see every day anyway. And yes, I’d love to be one of the three lucky owners.

      So trivial? I don’t see it that way. I know – take away the precious metal and it’s just a Moonwatch, right?

      • ??????

        I woudn’t mind to own one, but yes – gold aside, it looks like tons of similar iterations of this model.

  • Word Merchant

    Another week, another Speedmaster.

  • SuperStrapper

    Finally, a speedmaster LE!

    Also, nice to see Stevie Hawking getting out of the strip club for a change.

    • DanW94

      Lol…Ironic that Brian May is involved with this project because word is that Hawking’s favorite song is “Fat Bottomed Girls”

      • Saul Sloota

        He loves to watch the bicycle race.

  • Saul Sloota

    Kinda wonder why you do articles about watches that aren’t for sale or for limited editions which are already sold out.

    • Ariel Adams

      We don’t always. But in this case Stephen Hawking made it impossible not to cover this. Plus, I have a soft spot for yellow good Speedmasters.

      • Saul Sloota

        OK, just wondering. I understand an article about that crazy Vacheron pocket watch because it is horological history. Just don’t get the point, in a general sense, of covering special editions which are already spoken for/impossible to obtain…
        I’ll accept the Hawking Pass for this one.

        • And Brian May. Let’s not forget Brian May please.

  • Cuppa Joe

    In general, I don’t like yellow gold watches. But I love this!

  • Mark1884

    I think this looks great! Would love to have one.


    May is a pretty smart cookie and Hawkins well exceeds May except when playing guitar.
    So the watch is in good presence but again to me it feels gimmicky. nest week will be the Speedmaster LE celebrating the arrival of the next Speedmaster LE

  • Dezianjo

    Looks realy good. They will fetch record prices when they one day end up on auctions.

  • Ross Diljohn

    Huh…much better looking than I would have thought for a gold watch let alone a gold speedmaster. I like it.

  • Ulysses31

    It’s a classy-looking gold watch. I like the science-related theme of the caseback. Yeah… quite nice.

  • Simonh

    Ho Hum, another Speedmaster, perhaps next week they could bring our a camo version for everyone to get excited about!

  • Ian john horwood

    We all know the first moon watches failed all the original tests, and buying them based on this illusion they went to the moon is complete con. Nasa is nothing more than a lying cheating deceitful propaganda big hollywood deception. Man cannot penetrate the van allen belt within our earths fermament, and man will never get through it and escape it for deep space exploration. Nasa is so deceitful and lied to the public all their lives. Our sun and moon is within the earths fermamament too, the moon is not over 380,000 km away like they print and preach to every sucker since nasa first came to existance. U can disprove their lies by looking through high powered binoculars and 2500mm camera lens, and see all the details of our moons surface. This would not be possible from a distance of over 380,000 km away. You can see between 4-5 miles with a 2500mm camera lens detail fairly well as you look across the horizon. You can see the moons surface detail very very clear on a clear night with a 2500mm lens, if the moon was over 380,000 km away this is absolutely impossible, you can prove this yourself if you half a brain, nasa are nothing more than an expensive hollywood con. Satalites of 8000 pound in weight are lifted high into our atmosphrere by massive helium balloons at the antartic and not by rockets from their launch stations in good old usa like you are led to believe. They have to be retrieved by high altitude aircraft when the balloon starts heading back towards the ground, these 8000 1b heavy satalites are not floating through space as every one believes taking camera shots showing the far corners of our galaxy, they would make you believe. A rocket trying to penetrate up and out and through into outerspace through earths protective van allen belt is impossible the rocket skirts along under the van allen belt until it disintegrates and blows to pieces. The hubble telescope is not floating through space, it is actually on s special adapted jumbo jet aircraft getting photos of our galaxy from onboard the aircraft at night when it is clearer to see outerspace. The list goes on and on with their deception and governmemt cover up. The swedish national space board in sweden run by nasa, you can look at the website and see all satalite launches are lauched by helium balloon, and not lauched by rocket as it it is impossible to do so. The public have been led like puppets on a string for far too long now from their continous lies. Theres no international space station with people onboard in outerspace which is another con, all this pretense is done oboard an adapted jumbo jet, and not in outerspace. The deceits get deeper and go on and on, the more you dig through their lies, the majority public are unsuspecting puppets believing it all since it all begun before 1969.

    • AW

      (too crazy; don’t read)

      • Ian john horwood

        If u dont belive me do your own research. It is true about Hubble for example, it is not not in space at all, it is on board a specially adapted 747 jumbo jet flying at 45,000 feet capturing its images by satalite dish onboard the plane. If u dont believe me, it was exposed and was on the world news article . Likewise nasa satalites are indeed launched in the artic by giant helium balloons and so forth, this was exposed and leaked and there is film of the 8000 1b pound satalite launch to prove it .

        • Bobby


          If you expect anyone to take your statements seriously, at least learn how to spell.

    • Bobby

      Seek professional help. Immediately.

    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      You have done nothing to convince me of your theories, which is what they are. Do not try to claim your theories any more valid than Stephen Hawking’s, or anyone else for that matter. If you could show any proof of your education, I bet it would not amount to anything close to what real scientists have. Your research has probably only been done on the internet, and not in real life, like what astronomers and austronauts do. If all of Earth’s space and astrological societies are phony, and just set up to fool us, why would they spend so much money on telescopes, radio telescopes, satellites and such? There is just no valid reason why anyone would spend ever increasing amounts of money on something that is just a big hoax. And not to mention the THOUSANDS of people employed to build and run these space missions and satellites – why has NOT ONE sent us photos of these jumbo jets, carrying everything from Hubble to communication satellites. I mean, there are HUNDREDS of satellites up there. And how do you explain these jumbo jets being able to literally hover above the earth, as they would have to do to maintain a position of being able to send steady signals to stationary receivers on Earth?
      I promise you that if you should turn out to be right, I will be first in line to offer my appologies, but please don’t hold your breath.