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Since its founding, Citizen has prided itself on pioneering advancements in the art and science of horology. This is especially true of its Eco-Drive movements, which have continually pushed boundaries in watchmaking technology all the way back to the brand’s very first quartz model – the ultra-accurate 1973 Citizen Quartz E.F.A. As Citizen celebrates a half-century of quartz innovation in 2023 (and nearly as long since it introduced the world’s first light-powered watch in 1976), the brand is once again exploring new frontiers in watchmaking technology. Citizen’s next-generation Eco-Drive 365 series of light-powered watches represent a quantum leap forward in the brand’s world-leading light-powered rechargeable movement technology, more than doubling its previous power reserves in this price range to offer wearers a full 365 days of reliable timekeeping on just one full light-powered charge. In addition to this groundbreaking longevity, the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 delivers painstaking accuracy, exquisite detailing, and a charismatic design inspired by the brand’s first-ever quartz watch, all at a remarkably accessible price point.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology has been the gold standard in light-powered timekeeping since its inception in 1976, and throughout that time the brand has never stopped improving on the base concept. Power reserves, movement packaging, and accuracy have all gradually improved in the intervening years, but few if any advances in the core Eco-Drive technology have been as great of a technical leap forward as Eco-Drive 365. To put things in perspective, current base three-hand Eco-Drive movements offer a power reserve of six months after a full charge, including a low-light power saving mode. By contrast, the Caliber E365 Eco-Drive movement inside the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 provides, as the name suggests, one full year of power on that same single charge. Like its immediate predecessor, the Caliber E365 charges impressively fast, allowing for a full charge from zero with as little as 11 hours of adequate light. This is done without appreciably increasing the size of the movement itself (with a 27mm diameter, the Caliber E365 should be able to slot comfortably into even diminutive dress watches), or compromising on accuracy. Citizen’s innovative new generation of energy-efficient electronics and improved motors to drive the hands facilitate this massive jump in capability without resorting to a power-saving mode in low light, making this achievement all the more impressive. In addition, Citizen rates the Caliber E365 for a stellar accuracy of +15/-15 seconds per month, allowing for a maximum deviation of only half a second per day.

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Citizen introduces this groundbreaking new generation of Eco-Drive movements in a distinctive and stylish trio of new models. These Citizen Eco-Drive 365 models, referred to as the reference BN1015-52E, the reference BN1014-55E, and the limited edition reference BN1010-05E, all draw their stylistic inspiration from the classic 1973 Citizen Quartz E.F.A. All three models measure in at a bold-yet-balanced 42.5mm wide and 11.1mm thick, with a notable geometric form that promises to gleam like a gemstone on the wrist. For the black ion-plated BN1015-52E and the mostly bare stainless steel BN1014-55E, Citizen tops the jewel-like faceted octagonal case with crisp sunburst brushing, contrasted by slender, brilliant polished chamfers at the case edges and a clean, radially brushed smooth bezel in black. The limited edition BN1010-05E instead fully commits to the look of its ‘70s inspiration, with a bright, fully polished stainless steel case that should captivate wearers. The Eco-Drive 365 series is committed to capability, however, and a robust 100 meter water resistance rating allows these watches to impress in almost any environment.

Like the cases, the dials of the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 series draw their inspiration from the ‘70s Citizen Quartz E.F.A., with an elegant modern twist. Once again, the limited edition BN1010-05E takes the most faithful approach, pairing sharp, refined dauphine hands with a matching gold tone outer chapter ring, as well as striking, architectural applied indices that seem to float above the dial surface. As an added bonus, the BN1010-05E sports four bold, sparkling lab-grown rubies at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, providing superior purity and transparency and further showcasing the brand’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. The design echoes the original Quartz E.F.A. with a luxurious touch rarely seen anywhere in the modern watchmaking landscape. Its glittering black dial, meant to evoke the wonders of the night sky, is shared with the BN1015-52E and the BN1014-55E. Both of these models complete the look with black chapter rings and steel dial hardware for a refined, contemporary feel.

To give these new models a handsome, lasting appeal on the wrist, Citizen fits each Eco-Drive 365 model with a unique strap pairing. For the black-coated reference BN1015-52E, the brand provides a matching, crisply brushed black-coated bracelet that features unique geometric endlinks to tie seamlessly into the faceted case design. The BN1014-55E reinterprets this bracelet in brighter, more timeless stainless steel, but keeps the compelling geometric form intact. Lastly, the BN1010-05E harkens back to the ‘70s with a period-correct stitchless leather strap in deep brown. Even this strap benefits from Citizen’s innovations and focus on a sustainable future, however, as it has been certified by the Leather Working Group to conform to its rigorous standards for environmentally friendly production.

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Citizen has been an innovator in the world of watchmaking for as long as it has made watches, and has been a global leader in advancing quartz technology for half a century. As the brand looks forward to the next 50 years of technical advancements, the new Citizen Eco-Drive 365 collection shows a glimpse of the future with incredible light-powered movement capability, painstaking accuracy, and captivating styling, all in an impressively affordable package. The Citizen Eco-Drive 365 collection is available now through the brand’s authorized dealers and its e-commerce platform. Only 1,200 examples of the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 reference BN1010-05E will be made worldwide, while the rest of the collection will become regular additions to the Citizen catalog. MSRP for the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 collection ranges from $495 USD for the reference BN1014-553, $550 USD for the reference BN1015-52E, and $895 USD for the limited edition reference BN1010-05E. For more information, please visit Citizen’s website.

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