Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

The next Tissot T-Touch watch will be the T-Touch people have been wanting for years. Since its introduction over a decade ago, the T-Touch has been the good looking Swiss gadget watch of choice for many people drawn to its handsome design and multifunction touchscreen display with features such as a compass, chronograph, altimeter, calendar, and more. For the first time in about five years, Tissot has announced a major evolutionary step in the collection with the upcoming release of the T-Touch Expert Solar.

One of the chief features people have been asking for in a T-Touch watch is solar power generation for the Swiss quartz multi-function movement. Casio's ProTrek collection is a lower-end competitor of the T-Touch. It has featured solar (all light really) power regeneration for the battery for a very long time. This allows you to be free from battery changes, which totally upgrades the range of situations that a T-Touch Export Solar is appropriate for.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

Like Citizen Eco-Drive watches, light passes through the dial of the T-Touch Expert Solar. What you are seeing is an early prototype model, so the dial will be enhanced greatly. Tissot will be able to create a lot of dial variety that still allows for light to pass through it. Tissot T-Touch watches are really all about touching the dial. The sapphire crystal acts as a touch screen to use each of the functions. I reviewed the original T-Touch Expert model here a few years ago for you to get a good idea of how the system works.

Pressing the middle pusher activates the touch screen. Pressing the labeled areas activates those features, which touching the center activates other settings and allows for adjustment of the watch. If you have familiarity with the T-Touch family then you will immediately be impressed by the speed of the hands, as well as the precision of the touch operations. Note that this piece is an early prototype, and some of the feature touching zones were not properly mapped so that pressing them activated adjacent functions. You get the idea however and can see how quick the hands are. It is a major improvement and it is good to know that Tissot has been working hard to improve upon one of their top selling pieces over the last few years.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

An interesting detail on the watch is the "Smart Watch" label engraved on the caseback (which again is in prototype form). No, this isn't technically a smart watch by the generally agreed upon current definition (as one that features connectivity to other devices and/or the internet), but with a 'circled R' registered trademark symbol included in the mark on the case, it is interesting to think about what the Swatch Group has in store for its future in the smartwatch business.

You'll no doubt notice that the new LCD screen portion of the dial is much larger, as well as flush with the dial (compared to being a bit lower on older models). The negative LCD display has brighter indicators as well. The flat design looks very nice and helps bring the display more into the main part of the face. Functionally Tissot has mentioned that pretty much everything in the original T-Touch is here, along with some of the features that later models had, such as the regatta yacht racing feature as well as a lap counter for the chronograph. We will be able to list the final features when the T-Touch Expert Solar has its final release in the near future.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

Size for the T-Touch Expert Solar is larger than other models at 45mm wide, but with what feels like a thinner case. The case itself is surprisingly light being in titanium and it is water resistant to 100 meters. Though it feels light even for a titanium watch. Titanium will be the material for most, if not all of the T-Touch Expert Solar models. Tissot has further promised a range of dials as well as a titanium bracelet. We agree that as it is now, the dial isn't done, but it is a true proof of concept in action.

As little as the consumer feels sometimes, watch brands are listening to what people are saying and asking - the T-Touch Expert Solar is one of those examples. We will continue to cover the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch as we get more information. Until then, we hope that you'll look forward to the release of the ultimate T-Touch watch to-date. Price will likely be within $1,000 - $1,500. shoptissot.com

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  • Borys Bozzor Pawliw

    I would make one addition to this good write-up: the Casio Protrek Manaslu series would be a direct competitor to this series, as they will pretty much likely be line ball on pricing.

  • Ulysses31

    That front bezel looks pretty bad, and the hands are very short.  Recent Tissot designs attempting to be “modern” have been quite ugly looking to me; I think they hired Chris Bangle to design for them.

  • Kris C

    Cannot unsee!
    Someone get Tissot a hand stretcher for Christmas. They’ve done this a few times recently…

  • AwsmSpaceMonkey

    I would love a solar powered T-Touch with the Pilot styling.

  • dacokdac

    You say about the Casio solar capabilities, but remember first they
    still have a battery which lasts NO longer than regular batteries. Most
    people are not happy at all because they have to change this CTL1616
    rechargeable battery once a year. Some of them did put a regular battery
    same size (CR1616) to avoid this problem and have 3 years or more
    before next change. Solar is interesting only if (actually) not changing
    any component in it!


    They need a 47-48mm diameter t-touch.

  • htklun

    I really want to like this watch, but its just not doing it for me. i like the dial – very clean & simple black face with black LCD display and good contrast for display characters. But the case and (especially) the bezel looks ridiculous and seems like it belong to a $500 or less G-Shock (and I love those for what they are, beaters you wear when playing outdoors). I’ve been looking to replace my Tag Heuer Kirium Analog/Digital (which I happily wore as my business travel watch of choice for over 10 years) with something similar but slightly bigger, but nothing have come close to its design simplicity and cleanliness. The Omega Z-33 is another one that i looked at, but the case (again) is ridiculous. If Tissot put this movement in the T-Touch Classic Touch case with compass markings etched (not colored) on the round bezel I would be preordering right now.

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  • ChrisFirerabbit

    I am planning to buy the watch, but there is one disappointment which I hope they will decide to include in the final production, this function would be bluetooth 4.0 low energy, the battery would possibly die quicker but it would be a nifty feature to include since most, if not all “smart watches” have them.

  • kaostical

    I own two casio watches which are analog with 5 motors and smart access features. I also own a Tissot T Touch racing and I none can compare to the speed that this watch looks to be moving. I think it looks smart and like that they have packed so many features into it. I was first afraid that they had removed the lap counter so was positively surprised to read that the chronograph had lap indicator. I am looking forward to this watch alot 🙂

  • jeffrey

    Buyer beware, I was once a proud owner only realised being cheated later.
    Pray that the watch won’t break down , and it does after a year, and the trouble brewed.
    They can not repair for you and would propose you to purchase a new one, of older model at 30% off. Worst , limited choices for you to choose.
    Imagine the frustration and you will not get any response from their HQ.
    Now, never talk to me regarding Tissot, as I have lost my trust.
    I have one junk watch, and very sure many are experienced the same dilemma.
    In short:
    T = Tissot
    I = is
    S = Suck
    S = Simply
    O = Overrated
    T = Time piece.:-)

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