Urwerk is tired of your lazy ass sitting on the couch. That is why their small team in Switzerland has developed a brand new complication dedicated to getting you up and moving. This model UR-210 watch could quite possibly be the most expensive exercise timepiece ever developed. Anyway, I don’t think it is recommended that you strenuously exercise while wearing it either.

The new timepiece from the exclusive Swiss brand is the UR-210, and follows in the visual and technical footsteps of URWERK’S other models. However, the design evolution here is very apparent and I think futurism lovers are going to find the technical design of the UR-210 to be among the most delicious they have seen in a while.

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Let’s jump into the timepiece’s innovations first. The new complication has been coined the “Winding Efficiency Indicator” by Urwerk. The name makes sense but is unlikely to explain exactly what the complication is meant to do (i.e. turn your watch into a whiny wife). This winding efficiency indicator is coupled to the power reserve indicator and measures the amount of power you are generating via the automatic movement over the last two hours. As you know, automatic movements use a weighted rotor to wind a mechanical watch while you move your wrist around. If you don’t move your wrist around then you don’t charge up the movement.

The UR-210 also includes a power reserve indicator to tell you how much power is left in the movement. As I said the winding efficiency indicator (patent pending!) is connected to the power reserve indicator and looks at the overall power you have generated over each previous two hour period. That information is then displayed as an average on an indicator bar that goes from green (you keep shaking that beautiful booty) to red (you probably just ate an entire cauldron of fondue and can’t get up. Or perhaps you are lazy! It is 5:30am and in Switzerland you must be awake!). The idea is that you know how much power you have generally been generating for the movement – you the human power generator.

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Once you glance over at the watch and realize you are in the red zone you can start moving your arm around. But there is yet another feature to play with. Urwerk utilizes a rotor winding efficiency selector on the back of the watch that allows you to decide how sensitive the rotor is. On a light setting the slightest movement will wind the mainspring. On a more tight setting you’ll need to move around harder to wind the movement. There is also a stop function where you can totally block the rotor in the event you are engaged in some type of high-shock activity. And to think, high-end $100,000 plus watches were supposed to make life better, not more complicated? Despite the interesting intent of the complication, it is extremely clever and you have to praise Urwerk for developing the concept into reality.

Urwerk’s signature satellite time display system has evolved a bit, but those familiar with the brand can still easily read the watch. I happen to really like the new dial and think it is beautiful. I love the more technical angles and modernity… as well as visual balance. You may notice that the size of the “hand” is larger than before. It uses a new housing system to support the hour marker units. Nevertheless, the retrograde function is still designed to shoot back to its starting position with incredible speed. The indicators are also coated in lots of SuperLumiNova.

The case is made from steel and titanium, and is just over 43mm wide. It is a large, but not totally huge timepiece. Once again you not only have a cool looking watch case but also a lovely three-dimensional dial to look into. In mostly titanium, this initial version of the UR-210 can be thought of as the “naked” model. You can fully expect to see models in black, and in other treatments in the near future. Urwerk makes no reference of “limited edition,” so I consider this to be a new standard model in their collection.

Urwerk timepieces have always been a bit wild and crazy. Even for me. They are toys for the ultra rich with wide tastes. Among the many luxury timepieces out there with margins that make you ill, Urwerk seems to genuinely offer a boutique, exclusive experience that offer features and technical know-how that no one else can match. It might be expensive, but at least you are getting what you pay for. Now as the UR-210 suggests, get off your ass and make some money to afford one. Price will be about 137,000 Swiss Francs. I look forward to some hands-on time with a UR-210 soon.

UR‐210 ‐ Technical Specifications from URWERK

Material: Titanium and steel
Dimensions: Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
Glasses: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30m/100’/3ATM
Surface finishes: Satin finish

Caliber UR‐7.10
Jewels: 51
Escapement: Swiss lever
Balance: Monometallic
Frequency 28,800v/h, 4Hz
Balance spring: Flat
Power source: Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Self‐winding coupled to turbines
Materials: Plate in ARCAP P40; 3D minute hand in aluminum with brass counterweight; central cylindrical spiral in spring‐steel; hour satellites in aluminium; central carrousel and screws in Titanium Grade 5. Surface finishes Circular graining, sandblasted, circular and straight satin‐finished plate; satin‐finished and diamond‐polished satellites; beveled and polished screw heads.

Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hour and three‐dimensional retrograde minute hand; power reserve indicator; winding efficiency indicator (patent pending). Super‐LumiNova treatment on markers, dials, indexes, hands, and satellites

Two‐position winding crown
On the back: winding efficiency selector

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