Chronoswiss is an independent watchmaker founded in Munich, Germany by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang in 1983. Focusing on mechanical watchmaking during the quartz crisis Chronoswiss patented and produced the first mechanical chronograph with a moonphase indicator and the first serialized régulateur complication wristwatches. Chronoswiss is known for its highly decorated skeletonized movements and the creation of haute horlogerie watches in recent years. Chronoswiss is now based in Lucerne, Switzerland, and is privately owned by the Ebstein entrepreneurial family.

Chronoswiss was founded in the throes of the quartz crisis by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang out of a fondness for traditional mechanical watchmaking. Originating in Munich, Germany, in 1983 a core value of Chronoswiss is innovation which has been evident since the first watches released by Chronoswiss. In 1984 Chronoswiss unveiled the first mechanical chronograph featuring a moonphase indicator. Chronoswiss is also the first watchmaker to produce a miniaturized automatic régulateur wristwatch that has been serially produced.

Featuring a large onion crown, patented screw-in lugs, and a fluted bezel, Chronoswiss case designs became defined early in the brand’s life. Along with a standard case style, Chronoswiss made a name for itself with exquisite movement decoration and skeletonizing dials. While the movements that received the Chronoswiss decorative treatments were generally standard Swiss ETA movements, the finishing elevated the watches into highly sought-after markets and are uncommon to find for sale today.

In 2012 Chronoswiss was sold by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang to the entrepreneurial Ebstein family of Switzerland. Chronoswiss has continued to innovate and incorporate avant-garde design while creating increasingly sophisticated movements that retain the classic Chronoswiss design ethos. Popular models feature guilloche and enamel dials, retrograde and regulateur displays, and even tourbillons. The most modern models implement futuristic materials with non-conformist design while retaining classical watchmaking techniques. Fans of the brand can visit the Chronoswiss atelier in Lucerne, Switzerland where enameling, skeletonizing and guilloche processes are done by hand.

Chronoswiss watches are available at a variety of price points and for purchase from select retailers worldwide. Chronoswiss also provides after-sales service and certified pre-owned models for sale on their website. Its current collections are the Spacetimer, Tourbillon, and Open Gear.

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