Linde Werdelin is a brand with a very focused energy. Their watches are technical, masculine, and all exhibit their unique perspective on modern watch design. Few of their watches better express their brand DNA than the very cool SpidoSpeed Chronograph, which was launched at BaselWorld in 2011. The SpidoSpeed represented the combination of both the SpidoLite case design and the LW03, an exclusive automatic chronograph movement made by the Swiss manufacturer Concepto. Linde Werdelin has now announced the newest member of the SpidoSpeed family, aptly named the SpidoSpeed Gold.

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With the new SpidoSpeed Gold, Linde Werdelin has taken the hugely complex case design of the original SpidoSpeed and then produced the entire 32 piece case in 18k gold. The precious metal exterior is then satin finished and ready to be worn. Linde Werdelin has managed to preserve what made the original SpidoSpeed so great: lightness; an avant-garde case design; and a sophisticated but rough-and-tumble demeanor which begs to be worn on a wrist. Weighing in at a reasonable 126g and measuring 44 mm across and only 15mm tall, the SpidoSpeed Gold will be comfy for most wrists and capable of fitting under most cuffs.

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The calling card for the entire SpidoSpeed series is the dramatic case design which I think is both radical and beautiful. I think case design is a bold pantomime which changes its tone depending on the type of finish. While the DLC version of the SpidoSpeed is rather stealthy, this new gold version exhibits a very muted luxuriousness. The matte satin finish does not hide the gold’s color but rather reins in its overall bling factor, making it an excellent choice for those who could never understand the appeal of a gold Rolex Datejust. More to the point, Linde Werdelin has managed to make gold cool. In almost any instance, I won’t give a gold watch a second look, as my taste lies in stainless steel or titanium. There is something about gold watches that always seems to be too flashy or too cruise-boat-chic for my tastes, but the SpidoSpeed Gold looks youthful, aggressive and the satin finish is an excellent match for its complex case and detailed dial design.

Hidden within the futuristic skeletonized case is the LW03 Concepto, an automatic chronograph movement which provides a power reserve of 48 hours and even incorporates the use of a ceramic bearing for the oscillating weight which winds the movement. This fully-decorated caliber can be viewed through the SpidoSpeed’s sapphire display case back.

The Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Gold is limited to only 100 units in its initial run, which will be available starting later this month. The base SpidoSpeed Steel carries a price tag of $15,000 USD but, with gold being gold, the new SpidoSpeed Gold will carry a price tag of $38, 500 excluding VAT. I think that there is a considerable group of buyers (myself included) who shy away from gold watches because they are fearful of the flashy or even cheesy image that they may project while wearing a gold timepiece.  I am a big fan of the original SpidoSpeed and this new gold version proves that when it’s done correctly, gold can be a fitting platform for a modern and aggressively styled sport watch.

Written by James Stacey

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