On this week’s edition of aBlogtoWatch Weekly, Ariel, Rick, and David engage in heady discourse for another hour of the latest and greatest in the world of watches. The trio pick apart the divisive automotive watch genre, wonder why a Rolex X Toyota Corolla watch never happened, question the rationale of industry players diversifying their offerings, muse on the merits of expensive watches from fashion brands, and desperately try to tie the World Cup into the conversation. Plus, emotionally satisfying complications, a slew of new watches, the ideal watch for today’s tropical Scotsman, and why it’s so difficult to be a Swedish spy. Listen below or on your podcast player of choice.

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aBlogtoWatch launched the first-ever podcast about watches back in 2010 and continues to be the most referenced and respected publication in the world for watch enthusiasts, buyers, and collectors. Today, in addition to the website and social media channels, aBlogtoWatch produces the SUPERLATIVE interview podcast as well as aBlogtoWatch Weekly news podcast. The aBlogtoWatch Weekly podcast features the editors of the timepiece enthusiast publication aBlogtoWatch.com, coming together each week to discuss some of the latest industry stories and hottest new releases.

We’d love to hear from you with feedback or suggestions for future show topics or guests. Advertising opportunities are also available. Comment below or contact [email protected].

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